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“Hiring you was the best money I’ve spent in my independent career!”
– Researcher at Portland State University

Most people think ‘copy editing’ when they think of editing. I do something completely different. I only copy edit at the very end—it’s the last step in multiple steps of substantial in-depth editing. When I am done with a document, it might be structured differently and contain an entirely different narrative logic than when I started. I work with my clients to understand exactly what every sentence is trying to do. We do multiple rounds of revisions, together, until the text is clear, logical, and tells a compelling story about the work.

Work Sample
Selected C3 Clients

Molecular biology

Princeton Univ.

Molecular virology

Princeton Univ.

NanoDNA biology



Munich, Germany

Nursing research

Univ. of Utah School of Nursing

Transition metal organic chemistry

UC Berkeley
Featured Projects


Weiss Institute, Harvard University

Bighorn Sheep Disease Consortium
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