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I started C3 Science Communication to help scientists get funding. I have been writing and editing biomedical proposals and papers for more than thirty years. I work with established and new researchers, and my clients at top research universities—including Princeton, Univ. of California San Francisco and UC Berkeley, Harvard, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, and universities in Japan, Germany, Korea, and elsewhere—can vouch for the unique work I do. I rely on an iterative work process to write and edit for clarity, structure, flow, readability, and grantsmanship and can work in any discipline, from biomedical science to education, engineering, or finance. I am so confident of the value I bring, that if you are not happy with the product I will refund your money. No one has taken me up on this offer yet, in my thirty years as an editor.

Few scientists are trained to effectively communicate their ideas. Yet, it’s impossible to have a successful science career without doing so.

C3Science can help. I believe that people- funders, scientists, website users, whoever- deserve an effortless experience extracting the information they need. The information might be complicated, but getting at it shouldn’t be. Now more than ever, readers easily get overwhelmed and give up when information is not clearly presented. There is just too much competition for eyeballs for readers to persevere in the face of disorganized and confusing material.

Unfunded and unscored proposals are as expensive to produce as funded ones.

Researchers who express a clear vision for their work have a better chance of being funded. Don’t let the resources you put into a proposal go to waste by scoring just below the funding line or by getting back an unscored proposal. Time and time again, I have seen that when PIs submit a well written, well-argued proposal they get back more useful comments for resubmission, even if the application is not funded on the first submission. A reviewer who is frustrated by a hard-to-read hard-to-follow proposal will not take the time to provide thoughtful and useful comments, thus lowering your chances of a successful resubmission.

Publish, don’t perish

Results shouldn’t sit on your hard drive. I can help your work get accepted quickly, without having to reformat and resubmit to three different journals before your paper finds a home.

Despite the proliferation of innovative virtual media, traditional peer-reviewed publications still drive proposal success. Without the necessary publications, reviewers will dismiss you as not ready to be a PI.

Creative dissemination: required

We no longer live in the (only) two-papers-and-a-poster world. Funders want to see results that are highly visible, and they know that policy-makers rarely read peer-reviewed journals. I can help create dissemination plans and products to get your work where it needs to be: on the web, at conferences and seminars, in a smartphone app, in journals, media outlets, and elsewhere.

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