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Welcome to 2023!

I have been so bad about sending out newsletters, partly because I know the last thing anyone needs is another email. Yet, my business model relies on having investigators reach out to me. SO, I am here! Ready to take on any and all editing and writing that comes my way.

Along those lines, I am actively seeking new clients. If you have a friend or collaborator that can benefit from my services, please, send them my way. For now, C3 Science is my first priority.

Also, I am available for in-person or Zoom writing workshops (yes, I have grudgingly accepted that sometimes Zoom is easier and cheaper for everyone). I prefer in-person because it’s just more fun, but if your department would benefit from a proposal writing workshop, either in person or remote, stand alone or combined with some individual sessions with me for help on manuscript writing or any writing projects, email me or have a departmental administrator email me (elbeewitty@gmail or [email protected] should get to me).

Last, if you are like me and have a hard time finding information on NIH’s website, here is a link to recently released funding opportunities. The newest releases are at the top.

Don’t be a stranger; I always like hearing from my clients about their work and how their proposals fared. January 22 will usher in the year of the rabbit, so let’s get busy and hop to it.

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