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As 2018 comes to a close, I wanted to send out a couple of links and resources that may  be helpful to C3 Communication clients as they think about applying for funding in 2019.

This site has a list of paylines by NIH institute, and also contains links to “cleared concepts” for funding by institute, which is helpful for planning. You can quickly see that some institutes have consistently better paylines, probably for multiple reasons, than others. NCI’s are among the worst, and NHLBI’s and NIAID’s among the best. At some of the institute individual pages, you have to go to the minutes to see what the cleared concepts are. The NIH will not be winning awards for highly user-friendly websites.

These reviewer guidelines may also be helpful.
It’s always good to know what the reviewers were actually instructed to consider when they score your proposal.

Diversifying your Funding Base

It’s always helpful to find a variety of funders to ask for money! In addition to NIH, the DOD, HHS, and DOE provide money for basic research. I have heard from my C3 clients who have received DOD funding that the DOD encourages a strong relationship with program officers and that reaching out to them and establishing a relationship before you apply is helpful/necessary. USC provides this page with handy links to other funders you may be neglecting. Knowing what my C3 clients work on, many of you would fit into the DOD basic research portfolio.

National Research Mentoring Network

Last, don’t forget about the National Researching Mentoring Network. . I was at a conference last week where NRMN presented some of their data on how researchers who went through their programs were doing on getting funding, and it was impressive.  One of their focuses is on helping researchers from underrepresented groups get funded, and they have workshops and resources to further this goal. You can also sign up to be a mentor or to be mentored by a more senior researcher.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday.

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