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100% Manuscript Publication Rate

Getting papers into peer-reviewed publications is essential to your funding. Every paper I have worked on for a client has been accepted by a peer-reviewed journal. My clients publish in Nature, Science, PNAS, PloS journals, and in top-notch journals specific to their fields. A well-written paper with a strong argument and interesting ideas (and yes, sometimes editing involves critiquing ideas) will find a home in short order, even if the data are preliminary or underwhelming.

For Academic Department Managers

Retainer arrangements make sense for organizations and academic departments with ongoing writing and editing needs. I have contracts with university departments as well with foundations and organizations that need help with grant writing on a regular basis.

Retainer Agreements for Departments
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Funding Lines by NIH Institute…and More

As 2018 comes to a close, I wanted to send out a couple of links and resources that may  be…

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Welcome to 2018, year of the NIH Podcast!

What's New at NIH in 2018 It was hard to prioritize changes at NIH or other federal science funders given…

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Mentored Career Awards

Hello in 2017. 2016 went by in a blur without C3 Science sending a single newsletter, mostly because I was…

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Society of Research Administrators International

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) considers increasing diversity of the U.S. biomedical workforce to be of such paramount importance…

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Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment – Storm Brews in India over Coastal Regulations

Recent coastal disasters, and the presence of 2.3 billion people (forecast to grow to 3.2 billion by 2025) living within…

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EcoHealth – The Buffalo Jump Called Chugwater

O moment, Time’s diamond—I am all trifles and wretched cares outside your gate. I was always baffled by those words,…

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Orion – Keep All the Parts

In fighting infectious diseases, conservation is the best medicine THE PALM CIVET, an Asia native that resembles a mix of…

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