Why C3?

Our mission is to help scientists.

We believe that people- funders, scientists, website users, whoever- deserve an effortless experience extracting the information they need. The information might be complicated, but getting at it shouldn't be. The vast and chaotic amount of stuff on the information superhighway means that readers easily get overwhelmed and give up when information is not clearly presented.


We are geared toward helping individual scientists get funded, get papers and presentations in front of an audience in a form that can be easily understood, and disseminate their research findings to the world.

Our track record and experience speak for themselves.

We have taught dissemination strategies at top-tier universities and at conferences around the country. We have received national awards for our writing. Our skills have been instrumental in ushering hundreds of papers into print, and in funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into research projects—dollars that came from funders large and small, government and private, and through an enormous variety of mechanisms.


We know how to communicate and we know about research in academic settings.


Our team is experienced not only in in writing and editing, but in research and teaching. We have authored and edited papers on topics from wildlife conservation to medical informatics, from cervical-cancer screening to catalyst development and disease ecology. We worked together for years in an academic-model research setting and know how things work in that environment. Whether we’re helping early-stage investigators develop a competitive research portfolio, or developing dissemination plans and products for a multisite research study, C3 leverages its diverse expertise and experience to help our clients achieve their goals.


When you hire C3, you hire the whole company.


We work collaboratively, and have for years, so everyone’s expertise is part of every project—the same way we’ll work with you.


We are committed to improving public science education.


We believe in the importance of building bridges between science research and science educators. We will work with curriculum developers and teachers to help students learn about cutting edge research results and the research process—and open up a new arena in which to disseminate your work at the same time. Working with teachers and curriculum developers is a key part of our mission.

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