We offer a unique suite of services for every stage of a research project

Editing and Writing

Because good writing gets read, published, and funded

At C3, we have written and edited hundreds of grant applications, from small pilot studies to multi-center trials with budgets exceeding $45 million. Whether it’s de novo poster writing, getting a paper or a proposal ready for submission, or writing a presentation, we can bring your work to a higher level.

Developing Dissemination Strategies

Because we no longer live in a hard-copy world

Funders now demand a return on their investment. The Internet and social media have changed science communications. Mid-career scientists need help navigating the Web and social media and every scientist is scrambling for time to dream up—and deliver—dissemination products.

Creating Dissemination Products

Because letting the world know about your work is as important as doing it

We’ll help implement your dissemination plan by working with you to create Web sites, papers, a social media presence, and curriculum materials. Let our network of Web designers, social media experts, app developers, and curriculum developers do the leg work.

Developing Participant Materials

Because study participants are hard to reach

Our writers have worked on participant materials for hundreds of studies. We’ll create materials that are visually appealing and easily understood to help you meet your recruitment goals.

Curriculum Development

Because research needs to reach the classroom

Our curriculum developers have worked at the biggest educational companies and, with decades of teaching experience themselves, they understand the realities of classrooms. We will not only develop materials based on your work, we’ll ensure those materials are used by teachers and students.

Workshops and Seminars

Because institutions need support, too

At C3, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to writing. Instead of delivering the same message to hundreds of researchers, we’ll meet individually, or in small groups, with researchers to assist with proposals, papers, or any writing projects. Our expertise can decrease the drain on universities by helping early-career investigators get published and boost their proposal hit rates. 

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