FAQs: Working With C3 Science Communication

  1. What types of projects does C3 work on? We work on a wide variety of products in a variety of disciplines. We write and edit proposals, papers, websites, posters, presentations, science curricula, and occasionally textbooks. We have clients in chemistry, biology, ecology, finance, nanotechnology, social science, nursing, medical research, the social sciences, and many other disciplines.
  2. How will I know how much my project will cost? We will talk to you about your project and review any materials necessary so we can provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible. Our final invoice will be within 10% of this estimate.
  3. Do I have to pay upfront? We require a 30% deposit for jobs totaling $500 or more.
  4. What does an “iterative work process” look like? An “iterative” process means that we go back and forth on documents with our clients as needed. We don’t just do one round of edits or writing on a project and send it back. We have found over decades of doing this work that good editing and writing often requires several rounds of writing and editing before a draft is final.
  5. Where can I see samples of C3’s work? We can provide as many samples as necessary, upon request.
  6. Does it matter if C3 editors are not experts in my research area? Although we have expertise in a surprising number of disciplines (ecology, veterinary medicine, evidence reviews, health-services research, conservation biology, qualitative cancer research, and many other specialties) good editing is not about content expertise.  It is about making the experience of the reader, web user, audience, etcetera, as effortless as possible. You are the expert in your area; our job is to make your expertise, results, data, and knowledge crystal clear to your audience.
  7. Does C3 work with all proposal documents? We will work with any aspects of a proposal—biosketches, resources, facilities, appendices, project narratives, etcetera.
  8. Does C3 help me upload the proposal documents? While we offer broad editorial and writing services, we do not handle the administrative aspects of submitting or uploading a proposal.
  9. Can my institution or university pay C3 directly?  Yes. We have vendor relationships with many universities and corporations. We have a federal EID and are a registered corporation with the state of Oregon.

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