Engage Your Audience

Few scientists are trained to effectively communicate their ideas.

Yet, it’s impossible to have a successful science career without doing exactly that.

The funding pool is getting shallower. You need to put your best forward

Researchers who express a clear vision for their work have a better chance of being funded. We have more than 30 years’ cumulative experience helping researchers develop and write proposals and a proven track record of increasing hit rates for funding applications.

Pursuing opportunities costs time and money

Unfunded proposals are as expensive to produce as funded ones. Don’t let the resources you put into a proposal go to waste by scoring just below the funding line. When it comes to making an argument for your work, pretty good is not good enough.

Publish, don’t perish

Results shouldn’t sit on your hard drive. We can help your work get accepted quickly into peer-reviewed journals by ensuring manuscripts are clear and compelling.

Get the next generation up to speed

Federal funding agencies are demanding that tax-supported research results feed back into science education. We will turn your research into lessons for K-12 science education and ensure that these lessons get into the classroom.

Dissemination: required

We no longer live in a two-papers-and-a-poster world. Funders want to see results that are highly visible, and they know that policy-makers rarely read peer-reviewed journals. We will help create dissemination plans and products to get your work where it needs to be: on the web, at conferences and seminars, in a smartphone app, in journals, media outlets, and schools.

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